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Saddleseat Connection

Day Suit Saddleseat Connection Steel Grey

Day Suit Saddleseat Connection Steel Grey

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This little suit has nice sheen to the fabric and could also double as a daycoat with black show jods.  This jacket of this suit is in excellent condition.  The jods have along the bells have some wear and if you took up the jods about a half inch that would elimate the frays along the bottom of the bells.  They also need a repair where the underpass connects, it created a inch long tear that would need to be stiched up.  Otherwise, this is a wonderful little suit, that with a little love could increase in value!


Waist: 24"
Bust: 28"
Sleeve: 21.5"
Nape to Waist: 11.5"
Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 12.5"
Length of Coat: 30.5"

Waist: 23"
Inseam: 33”
Outseam: 39.5"
Thigh: 17”
Seat: 32”

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