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Day Suit Chavez Silver Nailhead

Day Suit Chavez Silver Nailhead

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This suit has let out left in the waist of the jods and throughout the coat.  This suit has a button closure and does have some wear and knicks on the bells of the jods.  You could easily wear this coat with black show jods for a second look!  


Waist: 32 "
Chest: 35 "
Sleeve: 23.5 "
Nape to Waist: 17.5 "
Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 16 "
Length of Coat: 37.5"

Waist: 29 +3" "
Inseam: 34 ”
Outseam: 45.5 ”
Seat: 42"
Thigh: 23"

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