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Carl Meyers

Day Suit Carl Meyers Brown Dot Suit

Day Suit Carl Meyers Brown Dot Suit

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This class brown suit has a neat dot pattern to the fabric.  There is not much let out left in the suit, but the waist of the jods has over five inches that can come out.  The crotch of the jods has been restitched and there are some stitched repairs on the bells.  Even with these flaws, this suit is a quality suit that still will look wonderful in the ring!

Jacket Measurements:
Waist: 27"
Bust: 31"
Sleeve: 24"
Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 14.5"
Nape-to Waist: 14.5"
Length of Coat: 36.5"

Jod Measurements:
Waist: 25+5"
Inseam: 31.5"
Outseam: 42"
Thigh: 21"
Seat: 36"

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